Fat Lolitas

There is a snobbery here that betrays the “fashion is for everyone ra ra!” initial response.  There seems to be a contradictory dialogue here about lolita as being hand-made, home-grown kind of fashion and lolita as being brand-conscious. 

By the way, this reminds me how seriously important hand-made clothing is important.  If brands dictate who and what is fashionable, then we would not even have subcultures like lolita to develop.  So why does the size limitations of certain brands limit who can access this world?

Also, oddly enough, the responding person suggests bodyline which I just translated a q&a about.

Anyway, this question is from March 2012. 


Are fat lolitas no good?

By the way, I am 141 cm and 55 kilos and people say I look like Yanagihara Kanako.

Top Answer:

I am someone who wears lolita.

I think it is fine. It isn’t as if there is a rule that “you can only wear lolita if you’re thin.” 

In fact, I think that if Yanagihara Kanako wore lolita clothes too, she’d look cute.  

However…can you fit into the clothes?

Lolita brands come in only 1 size, not in S, M, L sizes.  They also have lace-up types that allow you to adjust the size but, you can only adjust them so far and if you tie yourself too tight it would be very uncomfortable. I think lolita clothes choose those who have the build to wear them. 

By the way, there is a cosplay maker called BODYLINE that sells things under the name of “lolita.” You can freely choose the size so, to give an extreme example, even hugely buff men could wear them.  

And so, when I saw that you wrote “fat lolita” I was actually nervous and wondered if you were wearing BODYLINE cosplay… 

If you can wear something from a proper maison, then I don’t think there is a problem.  

(Source: Yahoo! Japan)